First Steps

      qüb9 STAHLWERKS          Port of ROCHESTER,        NEW YORK  (C)2015

      qüb9 STAHLWERKS  
       Port of ROCHESTER,
       NEW YORK  (C)2015





                                      1.  Tell us about your project and request: 
                                                  A.  our 2017 Schedule of Fees                                                                                     B.  our Non-Disclosure Agreement
a Project Consultation; choose: F2F, onsite, 
                                                          telephone, SkypeTM, FaceTime or GoToMeeting.

                                      2.  Prior to the Project Consultation, provide us with                                                            imagery of your current project concept documents                                                          whether generated in .dxf file form or cocktail napkin.

                                      3.  If your inquiry is exploratory of container architecture,                                                        please be prepared to address the following:
                                                     A.  List of Goals or Key Performance Indicators;
                                                     B.  Identify known or preliminary hard-cost targets;
                                                     C.  Proposed project timeline;
                                                     D.  Location and current ownership of building site;
                                                     E.  Status and source(s) of potential funding;
                                                     F.  Concept buy-in from key decision makers, partners,                                                           entity(ies); 

                                        4.  Attend scheduled Project Consultation

Retain qüb9 design and/or consulting services
                                           Request a quote(RFQ): Send us your site plan, design                                                        schematics plus four[4] elevations. 

                                            We use the following remote collaborative applications:                                                   Dropbox; Google Drive; Google Sheets; Skype; FaceTime;                                           GoToMeeting.

1+ (585) 484-1808


Ask about our DesignBackTM Guarantee: 

Dependent upon the scope of a proposed project, qüb9 offers
DesignBackTM  credits for all, or parts of, design + consulting fees.

Notice:  Except on the basis of 'Time and Materials', qüb9 is unable to quote or offer estimates in the absence of conceptual schematics, plans and/or specifications. Prices range between $80/SF and $400/SF FOB our facilities. Change Orders are Cost Plus and should be avoided. All projects subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale(TACS).