CLEANspace 3PE OSHA Compliant Decontamination Shower System; HAZWOPER, Abatement

Cleanspace Model 3PE 3 Stage OSHA compliant Decontamination Decon Shower System for HAZWOPER, Asbestos, Lead and other abatement professionals. Shipping container based product with 10-year warranty and 20+ year useful life. Delivers on-board water filtration. 

CLEANspace by qüb9


OSHA compliant 3PE decontamination shower system for HAZWOPER, asbestos, lead
abatement professionals.

The CLEANspace 3PE remote / attached 3-stage decon shower unit provides demolition, abatement and HAZWOPER professionals with safe, convenient plug-and-play operation and an accelerated return-on-investment.

The 3PE is the most cost-effective, efficient OSHA decon available while accommodating 12+ workers per shift and more where permitted under OSHA regulations.

A 10-year parts & labor warranty, 20+ year useful-life, along with tangible reductions in deployment, maintenance and consumables costs, all act to enhance your bottom line.

Specify intended uses(s) and filtration profile(s). Potable and holding tankage are available. 

Note: This is a placeholder - not 3PE graphic. Please refer to Cut Sheet for 2D/3D image.

Note: This is a placeholder - not 3PE graphic. Please refer to Cut Sheet for 2D/3D image.


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