qub9 architecture office



Our history: 

 In 1951, Genesee Tank & Container opened it's doors as a metal tank fabricator in Avon, New York.  In 1989, Genesee refocussed its skills towards converting 'conex' boxes to conditioned multi-purpose spaces in service of our US military and oil & gas operations. The company's early R&D in the fields of energy conservation, modularity and ergonomics helped pave the way to modern shipping container architecture. 

In 2013, qüb9 ARCHITECTURE acquired Genesee's assets. Today, qüb9 fully capitalizes Genesee IP, processes and best-practices as we create both portable and modular, sustainable structures for business and community. 

Our company:

qüb9 is committed to crafting forward-looking products and spaces for business and community that deliver quantifiable value to our customers.

Our people:

We are AIA award-winners; architects, engineers, designers, artists and technicians. We are project managers, metal smiths, welders, fabricators, and converters. We are all experts in our field and we each bring a valued and unique perspective to the table. We get really charged by what we're doing and we are committed to the best outcome, no matter who thought of it. We like it when no two-days or projects are the same because those opportunities give our team new learning experiences.

We live for creating cool stuff and solving challenges because it is cool and there's no time for not doing cool stuff. Don't confuse 'cool' with 'novelty' - we don't do novelty.  

Our Core Values:

Community  +  Sustainability  +  Making cool stuff  +  Good coffee