067E Asbestos Lead Personal & Waste Decontamination Enclosure Specifications

067E 7 Stage Asbestos Personal & Waste Decontamination Decon Enclosure Specifications page.

CLEANspace by qüb9

Model 067E


Meets/Exceeds* NYSDOL, Illinois & OSHA Regulations

CLEANspace 067E OSHA NYSDOL Decontamination unit Trailer Rental


*6-worker shifts in New York pursuant to NYCRR Title: 12 Part 56 SUBPART 56-7.5(b)(c)(d); All others: OSHA Asbestos Regulation: 29 CFR Part 1926.1101.



067E 7-Stage Remote / Attached Personal / Waste Decontamination Enclosures provide professional asbestos / lead abatement contractors with safe, convenient plug-and-play operation and an accelerated return-on-investment. The 067E is the most flexible, cost-effective, and ergonomic multi-shift, 6-worker space (NYDOL) / waste decontamination platform available.

Capacity: 6-workers per shift.

Useful Life: 20+ years; built to withstand the rigors of global inter-modal shipping.

Warranty: 10-Year Warranty with Parts and Labor.

Low Maintenance: Change filters. No 6-mil plastic, tape, corrosion or inspection issues in NY.

Deployment: Anywhere; average contract cost to transport 30-miles by conventional tilt-bed tow truck: $116.00; placement within inches - no labor, registration, insurance, plates, OTR(over-the-road) liability.

Professionalism: Industrial durability, Institutional quality and appearance.

Plug and Play: Attach hose and power cord.

Construction: Welded steel structure with non-permeable coatings. 


Reductions: Deployment costs; maintenance labor; consumables, consumable waste, service-labor; decon construction time and materials; decommission time and labor; depreciation.

Eliminates: In-house deployment labor; titles; taxes; plates; OTR/tow package insurance; wiring issues; 6 mil plastic / tape; unit decay; inspection issues related to unit quality control and shift size; privacy concerns. 


Additional Features:

Materials: Structure made of A588 high-corrosion-resistance structural steel designed for marine / shipping environments; industrial enamel finish; Interior coated with impermeable direct to metal epoxy; 1.125” marine-rated subfloor sealed with epoxy and rubberized non-skid.

Equipment / Wash Room: 12-boot shelves, suit disposal, easily accessible mechanicals, 2-gang GFCI protected receptacles, hose bib, cold-weather purge system, enclosed bag, filter and tool storage containers. Wash tub for Waste Disposal System.

AirLock 1: 14 SF; >36” curtain-to-curtain, 100% overlap 108 mil AirCurtains or, Triple-Curtain 

Shower Space (2 showers): On demand hot water, epoxy DTM shower walls, floor grids and 36 gallon gray-water reservoir, water-saving shower heads and hot/cold adjustable mixing-valve at the tap. Fire-retardant PVC air-curtains simultaneously isolate contaminants, water and humidity. Wall-mounted shower-gel dispenser, respirator and hard hat hooks, filter disposal port is standard in each shower.

AirLock 2: Towel bar, respirator and hard hat hooks.

Clean Room: 38 SF with curtained Privacy Room; 12-wall-mounted lockers (12”W x 30”H x 12”D) installed 20" above finished floor for easy cleaning. UHMW polyethylene dressing bench with stainless steel base, AirCurtains for privacy and air-control. Clean storage for Personal Protection Equipment(PPE), 12-wall-mounted jacket / respirator hooks, towel depository, ceiling-mounted electrical panel and in-line water heater near exterior door. USB device charging ports.

Waste AirLock: 9 SF; >36” curtain-to-curtain, 100% overlap 108 mil AirCurtains or, Triple-Curtains

Holding / Storage Room: 16 SF / 128 CF with sealed floor system, dual air curtain and locking exterior door. 


Regulatory Compliance Citations

USDOL: OSHA: Asbestos Regulations: 29 CFR Part 1926.1101(j)(1). w/ optional negative and make-up air system.

NYSDOL: 12 NYCRR Part 56 SUBPART 56-7.5(b)

NYCDEP: BEC: Title 15, Chapter 1. Subchapter A., F. Part 2. §1-82, §1-83.P 

Illinois EPA:



Structure: A588 high-corrosion resistant steel superstructure and partition walls.

Exterior: 8’-0” W x 8’-6” H x 20’-0” L Interior: 7’-10” W x 7’-10” H x 19’-10” L

Exterior Coatings: DTM primer; UV stable industrial enamel; Custom colors available.

Interior Coatings: Impermeable epoxy coating, anti-microbial protectant.

Subfloor: 1.125” marine-rated plywood with epoxy coating, impermeable rubberized non-skid.

Transport Payload: 4,000 lbs. tools & equipment; 112 SF / 784 CF.

Working Storage: 2,250 lbs. tools & equipment; 52 SF / 350 CF.

Tare Weight: 4,420 lbs.

AirCurtains: PVC 100% overlap transparent 108 mil retardant NFPA B-s3-d0 fire class

External Power: 2/3 oil-resistant pigtail with locking, weather-proof connection;

On-board Power: Ceiling mounted EMT with GFCI protected devices.

Power2: Optional: generator with isolated enclosure / fuel storage; 

Lighting: LED fixtures rated for wet conditions, warranted for life of unit;

Water Supply: 50’ x 5/8” NPT, NSF approved supply hose;

Water Heater: Inline high-efficiency on-demand electric water heater

Water Filtration: Guardian™ PuroLoc™ 2205 3-stage 50/20/5 Micron gray-water filtration;

Reservoir: 36-gallon surplus reservoir;

Holding tank: Optional;

Discharge: Not included: standard garden hose;

Leveling: Built-in spirit levels for leveling assistance;

Graphics/Branding: Options available in vinyl or custom paint by quotation;

Ladder Racks: Optional

Negative Air, Make Up Air, On-board HVAC: Optional 


10-Year Warranty with Transferable Option

For a period not to exceed Ten-Years(10-Years) from the date of manufacture, qüb9 will repair or replace for the Original Buyer or Transfer Buyer, at our expense, any manufacturer’s defect in workmanship. Upon the occasion of: (1) immediate written notice to us by (a) the Original Purchaser or, (b) the Transfer Purchasor and, after: (2) our inspection of the subject defect and determination of liability by us, we will at our option repair or replace the defective component(s). This includes labor and materials at our facilities or, at qüb9 authorized facilities in your area. qüb9 shall not be responsible for shipping, handling or delivery in either direction of unit to any location for any purpose under this Warranty. 


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